Saturday, November 17, 2018

Bales of Pinestraw for Sale

GCA will sale pine straw for $4.50/bale. The sale will begin this week and run through the end of November. All profits will go towards the Winter Festival fund. The bales will be delivered on Friday, December 7th.

Indian Necklaces

Interact Volunteers with the Salvation Army

Kolomoki Mounds Field Trip

2 Act Play in 3rd Grade

Pilgrim and Indian Invasion

On Friday, GCA was invaded with the cutest 3 year old Pilgrim and Indians. They met in Mrs. Gena Parker's room and had a feast. They even invited their parents and siblings.

Breaking Bread in K4

Last Friday, the GCA K4 Pilgrims and Indians broke bread in observance of Thanksgiving. The two groups enjoyed a wonderful lunch.

A Kindergartner's Feast

A feast fit for a Kindergartner!!
On Friday, GCA's K5 class enjoyed a wonderful lunch to celebrate Thanksgiving. The kids all loved posing for a Turkey Day picture!

Gobble! Gobble!

"Gobble Gobble" is all one heard on Friday during the 1st grade Thanksgiving celebration. Mrs. Walls' class enjoyed their lunch that kicked off a week long Thanksgiving break.

A Kid's Thanksgiving

Mrs. Jones' 2nd grade class celebrated Turkey Day on Friday by eating chicken, mac and cheese, and green beans. The kids were super thankful for their meal.