Thursday, May 26, 2016

2016 GCA Middle and High School Awards Program

 Presenter - Dr. Ray Chambers
8th Grade – Lilah Widner
Teacher – Mary Lynn White
Senior – Jack McRae
Teacher – Sheri Dunn Ulm
Woodmen of the World:
 Presenter - Karen Cooper
8th Grade Winner:  Lilah Widner
12th Grade Winner:  Jack McRae
Dowdy Scholarship/STAR Student
Presenter - John A. Dowdy, Jr.
Student:  Jack McRae
Teacher:  Richard Cox
DAR Good Citizen
  Presenter - Janice Trawick
Senior - Jack McRae
Bainbridge State College Awards/Scholarships
  Presenter - Lauren Harrell
 Jack McRae, Ansley Stuart, Mattie Dunn and Carley Cranford
Rotary Club - Alfred A. Rogers Volunteer Service Scholarship
  Presenter - Rotary President, Theresa Hall
Senior - Kelsey Harrell
Bill Reynolds Leadership Scholarship
  Presenter - Mayor, Edward Reynolds
Senior - Jack McRae
Zell Miller Scholars
Lindsey Duke, Perra Harrell, Hannah Holden, Jack McRae, 
Noah Thomas, Dakota Vickers, Annabelle Smith, and Ansley Stuart.
University of Georgia Certificate of Merit
 Presenter - Joan Shiver
Juniors - Mikayla Buckhaulter and Harsimran Singh
Highest GPA in Middle & High School:
 6th grade - Jamie Chen; 7th grade - Emma Benedict;
8th grade - Lilah Widner; 9th grade Ruth Marie Carraway;
10th Grade - Abby Bodrey, 11th Grade - Mikayla Buckhaulter;
and senior - Jack McRae
Outstanding Academic Excellence (Middle School)
Middle school students that received the President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence are (Front L-R) Timothy Longs, Ella Harrell, Mary Glenn Warr, Brooke Phillips, Lainey McRae, Shelby Harper, Christie Whitaker, Jamie Chen, Gracie Williams, Isabella Barnett, Kaylee Widner, Cassidy Nix, and Veronica McConnell.
Middle Row - Wyatt Carpenter, Garyn King, Matthew Carnes, Avery Andrews, Haley Scott, Daniel Jones, Gracie Sellars, Callie Widner, Emma Benedict, and Abigail Anderson. Back Row - Garrett Donalson, Dani Parker, Spence Butler, Seth Parker, Jack Holden, Laura Posey, Emellia Woodrum, Caroline Wells, Hallie Jordan, and Lilah Widner.
Not Pictured:  Mikey Harrell and Kate McRae
Oustanding Academic Excellence (High School)
High School students that received the President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence are from left front, Branch Austinson, Jack McRae, Dakota Vickers, Mason Duke, Ruth Marie Carraway, Chasen Wood, Nicholas Hodges, Jared Duke, Manjote Singh, Parker Goodson, Jeremy Greene, and John York. Back Row - Carly Godwin, Collin Woodrum, Mattie Dunn, Kelsey Harrell, Lindsey Duke, Ansley Stuart, Annabelle Smith, Carley Cranford, Harsimran Singh, Miller Hayes, Juliann Amaya, Clay Wells, Pooja Patel, Eliza Butler, Breanna Pritchett, Abby Bodrey, Sam McRae, Sarah Castoro, Gabby Hardee, and Mikayla Buckhaulter.  
7th Grade Duke Tip
Avery Andrews, Emma Benedict, Rhiannon Brock, Matthew Carnes, 
Daniel Jones, Garyn King, Haley Scott, Gracie Sellars, and Callie Widner.

2016 Elementary Awards Program

Woodmen of the World Winners:
Presenter - Karen Cooper
5th Grade Winner - Ben York
 Presenter - Dr. Ray Chambers
Winner - Christopher Cooper
Teacher – Claire Dunlap
Duke Tip Award Winners:
Front Row - Ben York, Ethan Burke, Emily Grace Tuten, Zoie Spooner, Daisy Pelletier, Lollie Gay, Anisa Patel, and Hannah Wilson.  Back Row - Jay Lanier, Allie Lewis, Emma Harrell, Mallorie Jordan, Macy Goodman, Riley Palmer, Lucy Pelletier, and Christopher Cooper.
Christian Citizenship Award    
5th Grade Dunlap - Macy Goodman
5th Grade Harrell - Cheyenne Coggins
4th Grade - Ethan Burke
3rd Grade Butler - Emori Vickers
3rd Grade Loeffler - Kenton Jordan
2nd Grade - Luke boyett
1st Grade - Beau Adams
4th & 5th Grade - Outstanding Academic Excellence
4th & 5th Grade students that received the President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence (Front Row) – Ben York, Ethan Burke, Annabelle Adams, Emily Grace Tuten, Zoie Spooner, Daisy Pelletier, Lollie Gay, and Anisa Patel.  Back Row (standing) - Jay Lanier, Aaron Lipham, Allie Lewis, Emma Harrell, Christina Longs, Ella Williamson, Mallorie Jordan, Coby James Harper, Macy Goodman, Kassidy Widner, Riley Palmer, Cheyenne Coggins, Grace Elkins, Alida Jones, Lucy Pelletier, Christopher Cooper and Gage Sellars.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

McRae Wins Vince Dooley Scholarship

Jack and Perra with Vince Dooley 

Seniors Jack McRae and Perra Harrell were selected as GCA's Male and Female Athlete to receive the Vincent J. Dooley Award and attend a wonderful luncheon ceremony held at the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta.  At the luncheon, athletes from all over the State of Georgia are recognized for their accomplishments.  The field is then narrowed to 10 male finalist and 10 female finalist and they announce the male and female winners of the Vince Dooley Scholarship (a four-year scholarship of $1000 per year).  We are so excited to announce the Jack was selected as the male scholarship winner.   

Congratulations Jack and Perra!!
Vince Dooley, Female winner Regan Sikes, Male winner Jack McRae
and ABW Founder/President, Fred Northup

K3 End of the Year Program

Song - "I'm in the Lord's Army"
Song - "ABC Song"
Song - "Two Little Apples"