Friday, May 30, 2014

GCA Graduates 11

Congrats to our 2014 Graduates:
Felix Amaya, Kendi Castoro, Taylor Cumbie, Haley Grier, Zyreese Guy,
Jackson Harrell, Hannah Hatcher, Ben Holden, Garvis Kelly,
Melissa Mills, and Brent Noble.

Brent Noble was awarded the GISA Sports Award and
Felix Amaya was awarded the Volunteer Service Award.
Junior, Brent Warr was presented the Bob Jones University Benaiah Medallion
by last year's winner and the Senior Class President, Hannah Hatcher
Valedictorian, Kendi Castoro give her fairwell Address
Salutatorian Hannah Hatcher gives her Address
Special Music by the Boy's Quartet - Anders Austinson,
Josiah Austinson, Zyreese Guy and Ben Holden
Graduation Address was given by Dr. Tonya Strickland,
V.P. for Academic Affairs at Bainbridge State College

End of the Year Awards - Middle/High School

Woodmen of the World:
8th Grade Winners:  Clay Wells
12th Grade Winners:  Kendi Castoro

  Nan McIntosh - Kiwanis Presenter
Senior – Hannah Hatcher
Teacher – Dorinda Cox
8th Grade – Clay Wells
Teacher – Delrose Betts

DAR Good Citizen
  Presenter - Janice Trawick
Senior - Kendi Castoro

Bainbridge State College Awards
 Presenter - Alex Collins
Seniors - Kendi Castoro and Hannah Hatcher           

Rotary Club - Gerard Kwilecki Volunteer Service Scholarship
Presenter - Rotary President, Gerard Kwilecki
Senior - Kendi Castoro

University of Georgia Certificate of Merit
Josh Carnes and Kaitlin Adams

Highest GPA in Middle & High School:
Middle-School:  sixth grader ,Lilah Widner; seventh grade ,Ruth Marie Carraway; and eighth grader, Carly Godwin.  
High School: Ninth ,Mikayla Buckhaulter; tenth grader, Jack McRae; eleventh grader, Josh Carnes 
and twelfth grader, Kendi Castoro.

Outstanding Academic Excellence (Middle School)
Middle school students that received the President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence are (Front L-R) Breanna Pritchett, Clay Wells, Collin Woodrum, John York, Jared Duke, Jeremy Greene, Chasen Wood, Jeb Smith, Olivia Penela, and Ruth Marie Carraway.  2nd Row - Sam McRae, Miller Hayes, Carly Godwin, Eliza Butler, Garrett Donalson, Spence Butler, and Nicholas Hodges.  Back Row - Lilah Widner, Seth Parker, Caroline Wells, Kate McRae, Jack Holden, Manjote Singh, and Parker Goodson.

7th Grade Duke Tip
Ruth Marie Carraway, Parker Goodson, Nicholas Hodges, and Manjote Singh

Oustanding Academic Excellence (High School)
High School students that received the President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence are from left front, Dakota Vickers, Ansley Stuart, Annabelle Smith, Kaitlin Adams, Shelby Woodrum, Hannah Hatcher, and Mikayla Buckhaulter. Middle Row - Grace Reynolds, Lindsey Duke, Aaron Carraway, Kendi Castoro, Jack McRae, Anders Austinson, Ben Holden and Hannah Holden.  Back Row - Merrianna Parker, Niklas Isler, Brent Warr, Josh Carnes, and Nate Walton.

End of the Year Honors - Elementary

Woodmen of the World
Daniel Jones and Matthew Carnes

Kiwanis Award
Student - Emma Benedict and Teacher - Heidi Butler

Christian Citizenship Award
1st Grade Harrell – Chloe Brogdon
1st Grade Morgan – Sybil Lee
2nd Grade – Chloe Faircloth
3rd Grade – Alida Jones
4th Grade – Carter Searcy
5th Grade – Carley Brogdon

Duke Tip Award Winners:
Front Row - Emma Benedict, Brooke Phillips, Ella Harrell, Christy Whittaker, Maddy Clark.
2nd Row - Matthew Carnes, Gracie Williams, Kaylee Widner, Mary Glenn Warr, Cassidy Nix, 
Veronica McConnell, Ja Mie Chen, Isabella Barnett.
3rd Row - Callie Widner,  Clay Towns, Brooke Tobin, Gracie Sellers, Jackson McConnell, 
Jase Godwin, Lainey Birdsong.
Back Row - Daniel Jones, Haley Scott, Garyn King, Rhiannon Brock, and Kameron Adams

4th Grade Outstanding Excellence
Front Row - Cassidy Nix, Lainey McRae, Laci Johnson, Ella Harrell, Maddy Clark, Ja Mie Chen, Isabella Barnett.  
Back Row - Gracie Williams, Kaylee Widner, Christy Whittaker, Mary Glenn Warr, Brooke Phillips, 
and Veronica McConnell.

5th Grade Outstanding Excellence
Front Row - Jackson McConnell, Garyn King, Daniel Jones, Matthew Carnes, Emma Benedict. 
Back - Brooke Tobin, Haley Scott, Jase Godwin, Gracie Sellers, Callie Widner, and Clay Towns.

K5 Graduation

Congratuations to the following Graduates:
Walker Allen, Abram Anderson, McCartney Bell, Luke Boyett, Jeffrey Chen, Tanner Clark, Jonathan Cooper, Bailey Floyd, Hunter Gardner, Lanie Gay, Sara Hall, Shivam Jariwala, Gibbs Palmer, Isabella Rentz, Allie Severe, Jack Tuten, Steven Wainwright, and Aiden Widner.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Varsity Sports Awards

Varsity Soccer
Christian Character - Hannah Holden
Leadership - Josh Carnes
Cougar Award - Ben Holden

Varsity Cross Country
Christian Character - Jackson Harrell
Leadership - John York
Cougar - Niklas Isler

 Varsity Girls Basketball
Christian Character - Kaitlin Adams - Not Pictured
Cougar Award - Kelsey Harrell
Leadership - Shelby Woodrum
Varsity Boys Basketball
Christian Character - Josiah Austinson
Leadership - Garvis Kelley - Not Pictured
Cougar Award - Jack McRae
Varsity Cheerleading
Christian Character - Annabelle Smith
Cougar Award - McKenzie Brown
Dance Team (CHAOS)
Christian Character - Ansley Posey
Cougar Award - Hannah Holden
Varsity Tennis
Christian Character - Logan Davis - Not Pictured
Cougar Award - Sara Castoro
Leadership - Julianne Amaya
Varsity Track
Christian Character - Jackson Harrell
Leadership - Dakota Vickers
Cougar Award - Melissa Mills
Varsity Baseball
Christian Character - Felix Amaya
Leadership and All Region - Brent Noble
Cougar Award and All Region - Bailey Woods
Varsity Volleyball
All Region and All State - Kelsey Harrell
Leadership and All Region - Kendi Castoro
Cougar Award, All Region and All State - Melissa Mills
Christian Character - Shelby Woodrum

Senior Awards
Female Athlete - Melissa Mills
Highest GPA - Kendi Castoro
Male Athlete - Ben Holden

Junior Varsity Sports Awards

JV Volleyball
Christian Character - Pooja Patel
Cougar Award - Abigail Mills

JV Cross Country
Christian Character - Gabe Parker
Cougar Award - Eliza Butler

JV Girls Basketball
Christian Character - Breanna Pritchett
Cougar Award - Caroline Wells

JV Boys Basketball
Christian Character - Spence Butler
Cougar Award - Nicholas Hodges

JV Tennis
Cougar Award - Olivia Penela
Christian Character - Matti Winburn - Not Pictured

JV Track
Christian Character - John York
Cougar Award - Carly Godwin

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cougars Advance to 2nd Round!

Congratulations to GCA Baseball for sweeping Solid Rock on Friday
in round one of the GISA state playoffs. Team played a double header
in Riverdale and move on to round two next Friday!