Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bailey Sinks 1,000

Congratulations to GCA Junior, Brock Bailey for making her 1,000th point during Monday nights game with SGA. Coach Justin Gravlee briefly stopped the game to recognize and honor Brock on this huge milestone and presented her with the game ball. Brock's current coach, Mike Harrell along with her teammates, her parents and two of her past coaches - Vedia Henderson and Jo Kimbrel were on hand to help her celebrate. Brock is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Bailey.
Thanks to Joy Key Photography for the individual photo.

Seniors Honored During SGA Game

Monday, January 25th GCA celebrated Seniors Night during the SGA basketball game. Elisabeth Soden was recognized and honored for her Basketball career while Laura Leigh Andrews was recognized and honored for her Cheerleading career at Grace.
Elisabeth has played basketball at Grace since the 6th grade where she has scored 300 points and had 500 rebounds. This year alone she has contributed 61 total rebounds, 10 steals, 5 assists and 4 blocks. Elisabeth has also been a part of the GCA cheerleading squad during her years at GCA. Elisabeth is the daughter of Randy and Elisa Soden.
Laura Leigh is the daughter of Michael Andrews and Kim Newberry. She has participated in the GCA Cheerleading program for 8 years, cheering on the JV squad for 4 years and on the Varsity and Competition squads for 4 years. In 2007 she was a member of the competition squad that competed and placed 2nd in the nation in their division, and in 2008 the squad competed and won the PCC Conference Championship and took 1st place in their division at the CCA National Competition. Laura Leigh has received the Heart and Spirit Award and was selected in 2008 as a PCC all-conference cheerleader.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Corrine Walsingham Crowned 2010 Queen

Congratulations to Senior Corrine Walsingham for being crowned the 2010 GCA Homecoming Queen. Other Homecoming attendants included Freshman, Haley Smith; Sophomore, Abbey Smith; Junior, Ladson Simmons; and Seniors Laura Lee Andrews, Morgan Baker and Elizabeth Soden.

2010 Homecoming

Owl Pellets for 7th Grade?

Mrs. Smith's 7th grade class recently researched and dissected owl pellets. Mrs. Smith noted that the main purpose of this project was to give the students practice with investigating open ended mysteries.....What did the owl eat? This lab was fun and unique as the students had to study the data closely and research all possible answers. There was no answer key and practicing good lab techniques, procedures, and safety was also an objective.

6th Graders Learn About Cells

After studying a chapter on the basic structure of animal and plant cells, Mrs. Smith's 6th grade students worked in groups to creatively construct a cell model using different types of candy to represent the organelles of the cell. Because these organelles are located in cytoplasm, which is a gellatin-like substance, jello was used. It was a fun way to summarize the chapter!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Biology Students Dissect Hearts

Mrs. Lucas' 9th grade Biology students had the opportunity to dissect a four-chambered sheep heart while studying their unit on mammals. During this course, they also dissected a crayfish, a frog, and a perch. The students really enjoyed learning while taking part in these "hands-on" labs.

Homecoming .... Twin & Crazy Day Photos

GAME ON.....2010 Homecoming Activities

Monday, Jan. 11th -
Pajama Day
Stay in your warm cozy pj's when you come to school. Hot Cocoa will be the special of the day for .50 or $1.
Tuesday, Jan. 12th -
Crazy Day
Mix but don't match, do a tacky hair-do, the crazier the better. Refresh yourself with Gatorades for .75

Wednesday, Jan. 13th - Beach Bum Day
Get your sunglasses, bermuda shorts, and straw hats and chill with ice cream or a float for .50 or $1
Thursday, Jan. 14th - Twin Day
Find a friend or 2 and dress the same. Get some fun"twin" snacks like Twinkies and Twix for only .50
Friday, Jan. 15th - Cougar Spirit Day
Wear your Homecoming shirt to show off your Cougar Spirit! Face painting and paw print tattoos with be sold for .50
Other Special Contest:
Spirit Links - sold daily for .10 each Most purchased wins Dessert Party.
Pie Lotto - Students vote on favorite teacher adn most votes/cash wins.
Choose the Cougar - Vote who you want to be the Cougar Mascot Homecoming. Ballets sold daily for .10 each.
Homecoming T-Shirt Day - Class with most participation wins lunch party.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Booster Club Host Holiday Sale

The GCA Booster Club would like to thank everyone that supported the holiday Boston Butt sale this year. It was very successful and very important to our athletic budget!
Many Thanks!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Elementary Christmas Program

The 2009 Elementary Christmas Program was the best one ever! Mrs. Joyce and all the students did an outstanding job!! Way to Go

MS & HS Students raise over $400 for Samaritan's Purse

Congratulations to the GCA middle and high school students for raising over $400 for Samaritan's Purse this Christmas season. Because of their generosity GCA was able to minister to many needs around the world this holiday season. Here are the areas our students chose to minister: Hot meals, teach a child to read & write, rescue a child from bondage & abuse, clothing & shoes, dairy animals, blankets, milk, mosquito nets, feed a hungry baby for a week, baby chicks, sports gear, supply a community with clean water, New Testament Bibles, "Jesus Loves Me" lambs, and Christmas treats. Way to go guys....What an awesome way to show God's love! Many thanks to Mrs. Harris for making this opportunity possible!

2nd Grade Explore Invertebrates

The students in Mrs. Loeffler's 2nd grade class recently spent a fun morning exploring invertebrates. The students were challenged to conduct an earthworm observation to see how the worms reacted to various stimuli. Each child was given a plate, hand lense, and a worm. Some students wanted several worms. They each had a paper with questions that guided them through the process. Mrs. Loeffler noted that she observed happy faces, dirty hands, lots of giggles and a very dirty floor. Learning is Fun!!!

Show & Tell Comes to Life

Students in Mrs. Morris k4 class really got to experience something exciting when one of her students brought a rabbit for "Show & Tell". What a fun morning!!

K-4's Celebrate Christmas

Mrs. Morris' K4 students enjoyed decorating Christmas cookies that they had made and celebrated the wonderful Christmas season with a party! Fun was had by all!

K4's Make Candy Canes

Mrs. Cox's k4 class enjoyed making Candy Canes for their class and for their Christmas Program. Great job!!